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What is a Doula

A doula is a professionally trained, experienced, and sometimes certified to be well versed in supporting women and their partners before, during, and after childbirth. Even before you go into labor you'll hopefully have met with your doula a few times to build your relationship and gain her trust. Once you go into labor she will join you at your chosen birth place. Below are just some of the childbirth topics we can discuss during your prenatal visits.

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Hormones in Labor

We are here to guide you through the laboring process, the labor stages, can help explain what’s happening throughout labor and the hormones that drive the process

Family Maternity

Family Dynamics & Happiness

We love learning about your family and helping to navigate how everyone, including siblings can adjust to having a newborn in the house. This is a great time to think about the family dynamics and expectations vs reality of what to expect

Water Birth

Your Birth Plan, Facts & Myths of Water Birth

The practice of creating a birth plan is really about you learning about your choices, gathering information, and making informed decisions for yourself. Our discussions encompasses the basics of pregnancy, labor and birth. It’s designed to offer you the knowledge you need to plan, make informed choices, and understand your body before, during, and after the birthing process. We can also discuss hydrotherapy and water birth

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Practice Hygge

Let’s discuss being comfy cozy and what’s relaxing to you. Together we will figure out what makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. What are your favorite ways to relax and how can we incorporate these things into your birth space 

Birthing Centre

Induction & Cesarean

These two topics are discussed in prenatal meetings to see how you feel about them and what labor interventions or pregnancy complications could lead to them. 


Postpartum Plan, expectations vs. reality

This is an important discussion often missed to plan how your household with run with a newborn being added to the family. We will discuss newborn care, and your expectations vs. reality and make sure there are realistic expectations 

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Benefits of a Doula

Clinical Benefits

1. Reduce the chance of needing to be induced

2. Less likely to need forceps, vacuum, or cesarean.

3. Higher chance of better APGAR scores

4. Greater overall satisfaction with your birthing experience.

Emotional Support: 

  1. Lower mama’s fear, anxiety, decrease worry, boost relaxation & confidence,

  2. improve odds of less postpartum mood disorders,

  3. increase family bonding with the new little bundle of joy.

Physical Support: 

  1. Promote more movement during labor 

  2. Help with positioning, improve relaxation, provide massage, comforting touch, pain relief techniques

  3. Breastfeeding, lactation support, bottle feeding, and newborn care

Your pregnancy and birth is all about YOU, we are here for you to support what you want, and help you have the birth you wish to have!