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My Story

Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Shaina, and I hope to help you understand what a doula does, and how it can be a beneficial service for you. As a Doula, I am passionate and privileged to help make these experiences as positive as possible. I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) since 2010. I've loved infants since I was two-years-old, and I'm passionate about helping families bring them into the world and care for them. I am proud to be working diligently on my birth doula certifications with Big Belly Services, PALS, and will do my postpartum certification with NAPS. I’ve also completed a DONA approved TENS unit training, and I’m very excited to be able to offer that pain coping technique to my clients. I completed a breastfeeding course for doulas on 11/7/19 to be able to further assist my clients with breastfeeding needs. I am currently doing a VBAC for doulas class through The VBAC Link, as VBACs require extra knowledge, support, and TLC, and I want to be as educated as possible for my clients. I love spending time with my family, being outdoors especially at the beach, reading, watching movies, and traveling. My personality is calm, compassionate, supportive, gentle, thoughtful, and loving. I offer my services in the greater Seattle area from downtown Seattle North to Arlington, and the Eastside to Bellevue.


Services Offered

Every family is unique, so I offer a variety of doula services personalized for each birthing experience. Regardless of what you choose, we will dive into your beliefs and expectations around labor, birth, and the postpartum phase. Together, we will explore your physical and emotional strengths and limitations to ensure you’re prepared.

Birthing Guidance

I start being 24/7 on-call for you from 38 weeks of pregnancy until birth of your baby. Once you notify me that you’ve gone into labor, or think you may have, and want me there with you for support I join you. I will meet you at your chosen birthing place. I will stay with you through the labor, birth, and a couple hours after baby arrives to help you get settled. You will get extra personal support and encouragement throughout the entirety of your birthing journey. I team up with your birth partner to provide support for both of you. I will help with comfort and pain relief, including a TENS unit as an option, position suggestions, answer questions about the labor phases, and help guide you to make educated/informative decisions throughout your labor and birth. I’ll help you follow your birth plan as closely as possible. I'm happy to take photos of this special time. As a Doula, I promise to offer attentive non judgmental support to you and your family before, during, and after birth the way you want to be supported.

Postpartum Support

I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact throughout your journey into parenthood, and will honor your experience, be there for you to help you process, and help your overall experience to be as positive as possible. Once baby arrives, I’m able to provide you with postpartum services in your home. We will schedule the days and times you’d like me to be there with you. I initially typically visit around day 3-5 and about 2weeks postpartum. You’ll receive support in learning about newborn behavior & sleep patterns, newborn care including bathing, diapering, safe sleep, feeding, etc. Provide help with bonding between the baby and all family members including older siblings, breastfeeding/lactation support and/or bottle feeding, older sibling support, comfort measures for the healing mom, education on baby gear & equipment, discuss your feelings and promote positive emotional support to reduce postpartum mood disorders, nurture baby while mama takes a much needed nap, shower, or rests, provide resources including craniosacral therapy, massage, IBCLC, support groups, chiropractic, etc. I offer meal prep, light house work, accompany you to appointments, and errands. I’m here to support you & your growing family the way you’d like.

Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a complimentary meet and greet, and you hire me as your doula, I am fully committed to support you and your growing family. I am available by phone, email, and text through your pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I’m happy to meet for  coffee/tea, lunch, or a walk in the park to get to know each other even better. I will provide you with emotional, physical, informational support, and help guide you to find answers to your questions. I will do 1-2 detailed in person visits with you and your birth partner to help you create your birth preferences, and acknowledge your strengths & fears, and help work through those. I can work with you on a custom birth plan that fits your preferred style and desires. We will discuss labor/birth positions, comfort & pain relieving measures, tools you may like to try during labor. I’ll provide resources when needed such as chiropractic, massage, pediatrician, OB/midwife, therapist, websites to compare baby gear/registry, etc. We can compare baby gear & equipment so you can decide what will be a best fit for you and your needs, and discuss your postpartum plan for when baby arrives to make sure you’re fully prepared & supported.

Benefits of a doula

Clinical Benefits:

  1. Reduce the chance of needing to be induced,

  2. Less likely to need forceps, vacuum, or cesarean.

  3. Higher chance of better APGAR scores

  4. Greater overall satisfaction with your birthing experience.

Emotional Support:

  1. Lower mama’s fear, anxiety, decrease worry, boost relaxation & confidence,

  2. improve odds of less postpartum mood disorders,

  3. increase family bonding with the new little bundle of joy.

Physical Support: 

  1. Promote more movement during labor 

  2. Help with positioning, improve relaxation, provide massage, comforting touch, pain relief techniques

  3. Breastfeeding, lactation support, bottle feeding, and newborn care

Service Prices

I offer different service packages to meet your needs. I offer a discount to teen moms, single mama’s that won’t have a birth partner present, and military families, if that's you lets talk! I also offer sliding scale options to families that desire extra support from a doula, but may not have a budget to pay full price.

Birth Doula Service Fees $850 to $1,250

• 1 or 2 in-home prenatal visits

• you’ll receive information, resources, and     referrals for services you’re interested in

• I’ll be on-call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until birth

• duration of your labor & birth and up to 2hrs postpartum

• labor & birth photography if you choose

• 1 or 2 in-home postpartum visits

The Postpartum Package $850

This package includes;

  • 24 hours over multiple in-home postpartum support visits

  • Add on additional days/hours if you choose for additional fees 

Additional Postpartum Hours!

$30/hour for hours between 6am-2pm

$35/hour for hours between 2pm-10pm

$40/hour for hours between 10pm-6am, only available Saturday nights at this time

Mother and baby in autumn

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life"

Omar Khayyam


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